About us

Our History

Foundation Hope and Life USA is a non-profit organization that was established since the beginning of 2006. Performing her work for the hemophilia community and bleeding disorders, by the hand of her Founder Ana J. Calero, who in her concern as a patient and mother with the Condition, Emerges from her the need to support and work unconditionally and tenaciously in favor of the education and guidance of patients and their families

In February 2008 begins its activity with a meeting of the Hispanic Brotherhood, in the integration of the Florida Resident Families.

On April 23, 2008, Foundation Hope and Life USA become a 501(c)(3) organization.

And from then on the support arms to awareness for the community with hemophilia and bleeding disorders through education training and guidance, aiming to improve the quality of life of patients, and extend their life expectancy.

Foundation Hope and Life USA organizes monthly educational events supported by Manufacturers and annual programs of great importance such as:
  • The candlelight vigil, a commemoration in the framework of the World Day of Hemophilia, for the month of April, this event full of emotions are carried out to remind all those friends, relatives who are no longer present because of hemophilia
  • Also each August, the Foundation carries out the Return to School, a beautiful effort to provide materials and school supplies, giving a happy return to school for children and youth in the community. There are many activities carried out by the Institution in favor of the community.


is a non-profit organization 501 (c) (3), whose Mission is to carry out all activities directly or indirectly related to the educational, social and emotional formation and orientation process and health, for individuals with Hemophilia, bleeding disorders, and rare diseases and their family.


Our Vision is to become a global reference entity in achieving a comprehensive improvement of the quality of life of individuals with hemophilia, bleeding disorders and rare diseases, and their families through education and guidance.


The Synergy Program seeks the active work of every person, patient, family, society in general, public and/or private entity as well as any professional who is willing to join a multidisciplinary group, in order to cover different areas Necessary to achieve real success in the management of bleeding disorders and rare diseases. In order to achieve this purpose, Committees were formed with specific objectives and integrated by members of the community, described below:


 It is the Committee that evaluates the choice and interest of the programs, workshops and information that contribute and help the Community of patients with these conditions, for their preparation, prevention and improvement of their quality of life.


In this Committee the work focuses on various programs and events to raise awareness in the wider community regarding the conditions of bleeding disorders and rare diseases, and seek to unite, support patients and families living with these conditions.


The purpose of this Committee will be to actively integrate the community, to support the neediest families, with resources and donations.

The board of directors is made up of

Ana J. Calero
Norma L. Hernandez
Aida Castillo