Toys Donation!

Send us information about your donation

How donate a toy?

Open your heart to children with blood disorders
Provide a toy and make their smile shine

How to donate a toy?

To donate a toy you can do it in different ways here we detail them:

  1. Place an empty box big enough at your business or work. The people who will visit you will be motivated to bring a toy. You can call us to pick it up, or you can take it to our office.
  2. You can buy online, and make the delivery in our office (you can use AmazonSmile, through this link Amazon will also make a donation)
  3. You can collect the toys among your friends, clients, or your family. You can call us to pick them up, or you can take them to our office.

What can I donate?

Educational toys, softballs, soccer, basketball, soccer, rag dolls or any other material, cars, kitchen utensils, story books, board games, blankets (blankets), blocks, makeup, etc. Toys must be new, without batteries, and unwrapped.

Your donation may come with a gift receipt and the total of your purchase or cost so we can send you the letter or a donation receipt for your annual tax report.

Who will the donation be given to?

The recipients of your donation will be children, up to 18 years of age, with blood disorders.