Do hemophilia patients need to be extra careful when having sex? Although sometimes it is difficult for us to talk about sexuality and there are many taboos, Hemohermanos spoke with Marisol Arzola, head of social work at the Hematology Service of the Federico Gómez Children’s Hospital in Mexico City, and these are some of the recommendations she gave us. Myths and realities.

Why is it important to discuss sexuality with patients with hemophilia?
All human beings are sexual by nature. For this reason, when talking about sexuality it is important to do so with healthy people as well as with those who suffer from a disease because both need to be clear about prevention and care in this aspect, but doing so with people who suffer from hemophilia is extremely important, since due to their living conditions are more at risk.

If sexuality is not discussed, do patients run the risk of not living it fully?
Today, thanks to science, people with hemophilia can lead a calm sexual life, but they must not forget the care when reaching this type of approach.
Sex education is vital since most of these patients reach their adolescent life and do not know what happens to their body when having sex or self-exploration.

What are the physical risks that people with hemophilia can have when having sex?
At the time of having sexual intercourse or performing masturbation, they may develop bleeding or inflammation. There are men who are not circumcised and at the time of masturbation can injure their foreskin and bleed.
Experts recommend preparing for the sexual act. The first thing is to put on the factor, but since access to this medicine is not so easy in all countries, the second thing is to do an excessive lubrication of the penis, also to watch pornography to finish a little faster and avoid more movements.

In the case of women, how to address the issue of bleeding and the condition with your partner?
It is your own decision to say whether or not you have any condition, although I personally believe that it is transcendental to have good communication with your partner, even more so when hemophilia is a hereditary concern that can be transmitted to your children.

It is important to go to a mental health professional, they are the ones who can provide effective tools that will allow couples to have good communication.

Let’s talk about contraceptives. Many women use them because they can help regulate their bleeding, is it a good option?
It depends on the type of contraceptive. In addition, it is vital to do this type of thing under the supervision of a medical treatment. What I personally recommend is the use of a male or female condom, it is the only one that will prevent a sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy.

Are there parts of the body that are more at risk of injury during sexual intercourse?
Injuries to all joints: wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, but the most vulnerable places are the penis and rectum.

What is the best sexual position for hemophilia patients to have intercourse, understanding that they often have problems with their joints?
There is often a risk, especially when you put your body weight on your hands or knees. It is recommended to put soft supports on the parts where these types of joints are going to be placed, and it is important not to make too much effort, put on the factor and there should be a very good lubrication.

What do you recommend to avoid bleeding or affections as a result of sexual intercourse?
It is important to go to all kinds of options when having sex, that is, more caresses, more kisses, and reach penetration as the last thing. In this way you can avoid health effects after having intimacy. Also avoid rough sex.

Can sexual intercourse help control the pain caused by hemophilia?
It is false, as I have said during the course of the interview, if we do not take the appropriate care, our health can be affected during a sexual encounter.

Do you recommend the use of viagra?
I do not recommend it, this type of stimulant generates erections, that is, the man’s cavernous body fills with blood.

Is it important for people affected with hemophilia to plan?
It’s a self-decision, I don’t think it’s right to tell someone not to have children because they have hemophilia, I could only give genetic advice, the rest is up to the couple involved.

Are hickeys dangerous?
Hickeys are dangerous, since when they are caused, blood vessels break, there is no constant bleeding, but there is inflammation that can affect health. The same happens with the bites that are provoked on the lips of people, especially in patients with severe hemophilia.


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