Believe in Magic
This event is designed to encourage and inspire our children who have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder to know the importance of good physical and mental health throughout their lives.
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Stay informed with our news, information on upcoming events, patient anecdotes, resources, and programs offered through our sponsors and the Foundation Hope and Life.
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Believe in Magic

Life if Magic


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"La #hemofilia es casi tan rara como el nacimiento de trillizos". Aquí le contamos cómo abordar la maternidad siendo una persona hemofílica y sobre el último niño que nació en nuestra comunidad con esta condición, Jasiel 👉

#Sangrados #enfermedadesraras

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Our Programs

Get in touch with us and tell us how we can help you. Foundation Hope Life works so that patients and their families have a better quality of life.

Among our help, we provide professional, educational, and health guidance. We also make the necessary arrangements for you to have your medical insurance and your medicines.

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Laura Smith Mother & Daughter w/ von Willebrand Condition

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Carlos Garcia Hemophilia A Severe

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Sanchez Family Hemofilia A w/ inhibitors

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